About Us

Empowering Security,
Ensuring Trust

Founded in 2014, Securitime emerged as the industry’s only centralized digital platform for security business intelligence and security vendor management. Securitime was created to address the growing complexities and inconsistencies in multi-vendor security program data, aiming to give back control to the companies. By enabling a clear view of vendor performance, fostering a competitive dynamic, and providing the tools to reduce rogue spending, Securitime ensures companies maximize their security spend and program performance.

Revolutionizing Security Intelligence

Our values reflect our commitment not only to our customers but also to a safer, more accountable security management industry.

Data Autonomy

Securitime champions client data sovereignty, empowering clients with complete control and oversight of their entire security program data.


Securitime diligently adheres to industry compliance standards and regulations, further reinforcing the trust our clients place in us.

Continuous Evolution

We believe in ongoing refinement to consistently deliver top-tier, innovative solutions in the ever-evolving security industry.

Customer Experience

Securitime uniquely combines our industry experience with active client feedback to develop solutions tailored to our customer’s needs.

Meet the Leaders Driving Our Success

Lee Basey

Vice President and General Manager, joined Securitime in 2023 with a 25-year track record in SaaS and technology sectors. Renowned for implementing strategic plans driving sales and retention, his leadership has consistently resulted in substantial annual revenue growth. Lee holds degrees from George Washington University and the University of Oklahoma.

Harold Miller

Director of Deployment and Customer Success, joined us in 2022. With 20 years of leadership experience across various sectors and a decade in Corporate Services, he previously led global enterprise software deployments at JLL/Technologies for Fortune 50 companies.

Jerry Scott

Director of Support and Product Innovation, has been pivotal to our development since 2014. With 18 years of industry experience, including roles at Protos Security and a video surveillance firm, Jerry’s insights have been instrumental to our software platform’s ongoing success.

Join the Team

Securitime fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration, and dedication, offering roles that span development, sales, customer success, and more. Enjoy the benefits of working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment that is striving to redefine industry standards.