Securitime was founded as a result of lacking proactive quality assurance in the security program management marketplace. Technology and software options are growing in the industry, but still fall short in most cases. Our demand-driven software ensures that there is no longer inconsistencies in the data and business analytics of large multi-vendor security programs.

Do you find yourself questioning: How much of an impact is attendance and security officer accountability having on my budget? Why have I spent so much time wondering why the security budget has gone over again? How much of an impact would the loss of critical and timely information be on my organization?

Then Securitime is the solution you’re looking for! We’re the leading software solution making a positive impact on mid-to-large companies across North America.

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Unlike paper incident reports that may go unnoticed, Securitime offers real-time incident reporting, notifying stakeholders immediately while encouraging security personnel to contribute to the security program’s overall success. We find this builds value and confidence.

With Securitime, security personnel gains the ability to collect data points including punches and incident alerts. These data points are then centralized in our software to create downloadable reports. Customers also benefit from the ability to manage and measure vendor performance by state.


Know your exposure and mitigate risk with alert notifications and data-driven dashboards. Keep stakeholders in the know, especially in situations when critical coverage is missing. Your eyes and ears in the field are only as good as the information they provide, and the timeliness in which it’s received.

Heightened awareness of habitual tardiness helps ensure coverage gaps are addressed and performance issues managed at the local level. Securitime ensures contractual obligations are upheld if officers are not onsite and our real-time notification system lets vendors know which officers are on which sites.

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Every minute your security management team is spending to ensure an officer is on duty is simply an inefficient use of their time. Drive your program’s KPIs and use analytics so you never again have to find out an officer isn’t on site after it’s too late.

Securitime software allows customers to quickly identify outstanding performers who get the job done and streamline your procurement process. Grow a strong security program making precision improvements across your portfolio to the local branch. Many customers also enjoy that they’re able to meet Tier Spend goals by using diverse suppliers.

Program with Real ROI

Securitime prevents unauthorized spend by keeping schedules aligned. By restricting changes and additions to service requests, we help ensure your security program stays on budget. Unaltered punch data helps easily expose overbilling – helping our clients find a true ROI – upwards of 10%.

Does this scenario sound familiar…field level personnel can make changes without the approval of a centralized or headquarters office…and there’s no way to identify schedules that have been terminated or mis-scheduled?

Then Securitime is the solution for you.

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3 User Groups, 1 Seamless Experience

Security personnel, the vendor providers they work for and the client locations they service all enjoy the easy-to-use Securitime software. Each user group interfaces with the software in a unique way, surfacing most critical components of their workday at the tip of their fingers.

Securitime software acts as a communication platform, ensuring the right information is delivered to each stakeholder.

Officer Experience
Vendor Experience
Client Experience

With multiple methods of timekeeping validation, Securitime has a solution for every scenario. Whether using the site phones for reverse caller ID, GPS enabled text message, or the web-based mobile application, Securitime establishes and confirms the onsite presence of officers.

Additionally, officers can clock in and out with convenient buttons on a mobile device once they’ve establishing their site pin. Placing software in the hands of the officers provides them with a tech-forward method to complete their day-to-day tasks from the ability to compose incident reports including photos to reviewing digital post orders. Additionally, officers are always aware of their expectations with digital post orders and a message broadcast feature which can deliver special instructions from the client directly to specified sites.

Securitime collects data points collected by the onsite officers and aggregates it to provide the vendor provider with one version of the truth. Vendors are provided with a login to the Securitime Vendor Portal where they can view KPIs for every site including the measurement of security personnel engagement.

By placing security vendors in control of their program and arming them with software, they gain the ability to self-improve performance metrics and invoice for time actually worked. Additional system features include seeing tardies broken down by location, various KPI reports, real-time punch data and contact management for internal vendor support staff. Users enjoy the increased communication that comes with providing reports and notifications to multiple levels of management proactively.

Securitime customers enjoy that they gain the ability to view their entire program’s health in one place. In a multi-vendor security program, it’s critical to understand which vendors are meeting expectations and see if service issues are temporary or a longer term trend.

The interactive home screen dashboard reveals KPIs allowing the user to drill into a variety of areas. At a glance, users are shown a calculation for actual hours worked over hours projected to ensure invoicing stays on track. They can also click into performance charts to see details by location. Additional functionality is found in the incident reporting panel and every active or upcoming post is mapped and color coded – truly giving the user easy access to important program-wide metrics.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“We’ve recently needed to elevate security to deal with the trend of increasing risk. Before, security was more of an afterthought, whereas now it’s an active part of the conversation. With the possibility of active shooters, etc. I couldn’t fathom managing this program without all of my important data centralized and aggregated for me.”

– National Consumer Products Brand

“With this data, our security providers can no longer refute tardiness and open posts. Without the data, it becomes ‘he said she said,’ and we can’t reduce costs.”

– Global Logistics Company

“Securitime is an agnostic platform that’s not associated with any particular security provider. As a third-party platform, data cannot be skewed to favor one vendor, thus leading to better adoption and reliable data.”

– VP of Physical Security

“We award contracts based on data collected in Securitime. We have a 97% threshold in terms of actual hours vs. scheduled hours. If they’re not up to 97%, we consider terminating the vendor.”

– Fortune 50 Retailer

A Large National Retailer Benefited Annually From:

Hours Serviced

Locations Serviced

Incidents Reported

Security Vendors Centralized

“After implementing Securitime, we realized we only had coverage for about 80% of the hours some of our largest security providers were invoicing us for. On average, it was probably about 19% overbilling with them.”

– National Grocer

“Securitime provides access to real-time coverage information, giving you the data you need to immediately solve problems. You’ll no longer depend on delayed, inaccurate timesheets from your security providers or conflicting information from your location-level employees.”

– National Healthcare Provider

“We have 15+ security vendors, It would be impossible to keep track of all of it without Securitime. I think back to when we managed our own program through a regional model and can’t believe how much transparency was missing.”

– Fortune 500 Retailer

“There were days where managing the guards used to take up to 2-3 hours because the guards don’t show up, or there’s an issue with their incident reports, etc. We now get so much time back in our day to focus on the big picture.”

– Leading Logistics Organization

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