Unlock Your Security Program’s Full Potential

Securitime is designed to optimize your multi-vendor enterprise security program, offering enhanced visibility over your security operations to drive vendor accountability and ultimately improve program performance with irrefutable ROI.

Three User Groups.
One Seamless Experience.

Gain control and oversight of your multi-vendor security program all within one centralized digital platform.

Client Experience

Monitor the health of your entire security program in one consolidated, user-friendly dashboard. Gather insights into which vendors are adhering to SLAs and meeting expectations.

Vendor Experience

With complete visibility over their program, vendors can identify improvement opportunities and hold security personnel accountable, resulting in enhanced security performance.

Security Officer Experience

Security officers have access to an intuitive web-based app that streamlines clock-in procedures, simplifies incident reporting, and more, to enhance performance and engagement.
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Man using tablet device to look at Securitime software and officer location
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Harness The Power Of Data

Utilize real-time vendor accountability metrics and robust reporting to remediate gaps and weaknesses in your security program. With full visibility across vendors and locations, you can validate metrics as your single source of truth to make informed decisions that limit liability and optimize operations.

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    Vendor Comparison Charts

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    KPI Reporting

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    Incident Reporting

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    Time and Attendance Data

Maximize Security Investments

Uncover significant savings by identifying invoicing discrepancies between contracted and actual hours worked, as well as rogue spending across vendors and locations.

Real Customers, Real Results


Average Annual ROI


Annual Growth


Customer Satisfaction

“With this data, our security providers can no longer refute tardiness and open posts. Without the data, it becomes ‘he said she said,’ and we can’t reduce costs.”

Global Logistics Company

“After implementing Securitime, we realized we only had coverage for about 80% of the hours some of our largest security providers were invoicing us for. On average, it was probably about 19% overbilling with them.”

National Grocer

“Securitime provides access to real-time coverage information, giving you the data you need to immediately solve problems. You’ll no longer depend on delayed, inaccurate timesheets from your security providers or conflicting information from your location-level employees.”

National Healthcare Provider

“We have 15+ security vendors, It would be impossible to keep track of all of it without Securitime. I think back to when we managed our own program through a regional model and can’t believe how much transparency was missing.”

Fortune 500 Retailer

Innovation, Integration, and Compliance at the Core

Securitime stands at the forefront of innovation with a commitment to privacy, data compliance, and connectivity to ensure a seamless and secure experience.
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Industry Leader

Revolutionizing the security industry as the first business intelligence platform specifically designed for optimizing security program management.
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Data Compliance

Proprietary software that utilizes valid third-party data, including annual cybersecurity audits to ensure full compliance with privacy standards
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Open API & Integrations

Data integrations with SSO, CAP Index, and Service Channel to create a unified and interconnected management ecosystem.

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