Securitime’s Four Performance Pillars

How Securitime is Transforming Multi-Vendor Security Program Management and Performance Optimization

The security ecosystem has grown increasingly complex, as managing countless security vendors can lead to limited insight and control over your entire security program’s effectiveness. These complexities can create significant challenges and limitations for organizations.

In this webinar recording, we’ll explore how Securitime is disrupting and revolutionizing the multi-vendor security industry as we discuss the four essential pillars that form the cornerstone of Securitime’s approach to security vendor management and program optimization. We’ll delve deep into the industry challenges and the nuances of technology and security in today’s dynamic landscape and demo how Securitimes’ software platform offers modern solutions to overcome these challenges.

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In this webinar recording, we’ll discuss the following:

  • How Securitime delivers unparalleled insight and control into your security program, ensuring billing and resource accuracy.
  • How to use Securitime to hold security vendors accountable, resulting in improved performance and cost efficiency.
  • How to leverage Securitime’s digital platforms to improve security operations, manage schedules, prevent rogue spending and overbilling, and improve overall program performance.
  • How Securitime’s approach to identifying invoicing discrepancies guarantees a tangible return on investment, with robust data to back it up.


About the Speakers:

  • Lee Basey: The Vice President and General Manager of Securitime, Lee brings a rich history in the SaaS and technology sectors. He’s a champion of innovation and has been instrumental in propelling Securitime to new heights since joining in 2023.
  • Harold Miller: As the Director of Deployment and Customer Success, Harold brings with him a wealth of experience from the SaaS world, specifically from facilities management. With Securitime since 2022, he offers in-depth insights and hands-on demonstrations of the platform.
  • Maureen Roberts: Your trusted moderator for today’s session, expertly navigating our exploration of technological innovation and security. 

About Securitime:

Founded in 2014, Securitime is the industry-leading digital platform that optimizes multi-vendor enterprise security programs by empowering businesses with complete data control, robust performance analytics, and transparent hours utilization reporting to maximize security investments.


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