Are Your Security Vendors Being Held Accountable With Accurate Time and Attendance? 

Did you know that inaccurate time and attendance data can cost your business billions?According to the American Payroll Association (APA), time theft impacts a staggering 75% of businesses in the United States annually. This concerning trend has resulted in an astonishing $400 billion loss in productivity each year. 

When it comes to the physical security guarding industry, a significant source of billing discrepancies stems from not having transparent visibility into the actual hours security officers work. With multiple security vendors monitoring their staff, businesses can often struggle to get a clear picture of the actual hours worked versus what was contracted, potentially resulting in overbilling.

However, by implementing a time and attendance tracking system accessible to both businesses and vendors, companies can gain clearer insights into hours worked and promote greater accountability among security vendors.

Let’s dive into this concept of how to ensure security and vendor accountability with time and attendance software.

Are Your Security Vendors Being Held Accountable With Accurate Time and Attendance

Are your Vendors Being Held Accountable with Accurate Time and Attendance?

Vendor accountability with time and attendance reporting is paramount to maintaining trust, transparency, and financial integrity in client relationships. Accurate reporting ensures fairness, prevents overbilling, and fosters a culture of reliability and efficiency. 

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to ensure vendor accountability.


1. Are you able to verify that your security officers arrived at the designated time and location on time?

Failing to verify that security officers arrive at their designated time and location punctually can result in time theft, operational gaps, and security risks. It’s imperative to ensure their timely presence in order to maintain both efficiency and safety.

        Securitime’s time and attendance software solution: 

 Securtime’s time and attendance software provides automatic location tracking for security officers upon clocking in or out, ensuring that they are at the right place at the right time. This feature not only validates their presence but also grants valuable insight into unattended posts, enhancing overall security and operational efficiency.

2. Are your vendors forgetting to record time?

When employees neglect or forget to clock in or out, it can skew time records, impacting both payroll and project schedules. Such oversights can also lower productivity and revenue. Therefore, consistent time keeping is vital for maintaining precise time management and ensuring operational efficiency.

       Securitime’s time and attendance software solution: 

Securitime’s tardy alerts serve as a proactive solution. When a security officer isn’t at their designated post, alerts are sent every 15 minutes to key vendor personnel until the vacancy is filled. This not only ensures prompt action but also promotes accurate time reporting, strengthening accountability within the security operation.

3.  Are your vendors rounding up?

If your company tracks time on paper or through software like Excel, there’s a risk of employees falsifying their hours. Employees often round up their time, leading to substantial losses. Employers in the United States lose $11 billion annually due to employee time theft. Everyone makes mistakes here and there, but not accurately checking reports can add up to sizable billing discrepancies.

      Securitime’s time and attendance software solution: 

Real-time, accurate clock in/out punches eliminate the possibility of data manipulation, ensuring precision in time tracking. With data instantly synced, there’s no room for discrepancies or falsifications, fostering transparency and reliability in time and attendance records.

4.  Are your vendors accurately accounting for breaks?

Ensuring vendor accountability involves addressing time theft, often stemming from vendors exceeding authorized break times. For instance, a vendor might extend a 45-minute lunch break but record only 30 minutes. Similar discrepancies can arise from frequent, extended smoke breaks. It’s imperative to uphold stringent monitoring to maintain transparency and adherence to established policies.

       Securitime’s time and attendance software solution: 

Securitime’s officer app simplifies clock-in/out procedures, ensuring accuracy and preventing any overlooked data. Security officers can effortlessly log their hours through the app, guaranteeing a seamless and foolproof time-tracking process, leaving no room for overlooked data.

5.  Are your vendors rounding up?

In the past, this information wasn’t disclosed to the client or business, leaving them to rely solely on trust that the vendor was fulfilling their contractual obligations. Unfortunately, this trust-based system could sometimes be exploited by vendors seeking to gain an unfair advantage.

       Securitime’s time and attendance software solution: 

The Securitime platform offers businesses a transparent view of vendor performance in line with their contracts. By utilizing Securitime’s time and attendance tracking, GPS monitoring, and in-app tardy alerts, it actively encourages and enforces vendor accountability.

Key Takeaways

Securitime’s time and attendance platform is a game-changer for ensuring vendor accountability and enhancing visibility into security operations. By providing real-time clock in/out punches and GPS tracking, it helps to eliminate billing discrepancies and ensure that vendors deliver on their contractual obligations. 

The in-app tardy alerts promptly address any deviations from the schedule, fostering a culture of reliability and timeliness. This comprehensive solution not only saves businesses from financial losses but also streamlines security operations, making it an invaluable asset for maintaining trust, efficiency, and transparency in the security industry.

Interested in learning more about how Securitime’s time and attendance features can help you hold your vendors accountable? Book a demo with Securitime today.


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